You should know I love YoungBae and I ship him with the whole world!

[Translation] Taeyang in SPUR Magazine [Part 2]


[Part 1]

Q7: What fashion item is a “must” for you?

I guess the rider’s jacket. I’ve bought ones from various brands and out of those, Lui’s brand complements me the best. I have over 50 rider’s jackets.

Q8: 50 rider’s jackets!? You’re obsessed, what other item do you have a lot of?

Um…the thing I have the most of, is probably white t-shirts. They come with six in a pack and when I was in America I bought 100 packs to bring back.

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[2014/09/30] VIDEO – Ailee chante un court extrait d’Eyes, Nose, Lips


I need Taeyang to cover “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith so badly.


"Ellen Reads Her Chinese Viewers’ Names"


Ellen mispronounces Chinese people’s names and she and her audience laugh at them cuz it’s racistly funny apparently



Ellen uses “American” interchangeably with “English”, as in, the language.

At 2:30: "This one, they didn’t even try to do American, this is just Chinese."

The comments are turned off on this video, but how was this even cleared to be aired?? Fuck you Ellen. This isn’t the first time you’ve been racist on your show.

This is why you weaboos/koreaboos/white ppl CANNOT give yourself a “japanese” or "korean" or "chinese" name for yourself (or any name from a language and culture that’s not your own). Whites take our names as jokes and we’re mocked for it in real life and in the media. 


We’re constantly othered, demeaned, and fetishized. Trash like you butcher our names and turn them into racist caricatures.

Our names are precious and beautiful and meaningful in ways you can’t begin to understand. Our names are carefully crafted together by our parents/family.

You trash don’t deserve to utter our names. Fuck you.




han geng tried to tell y’all asses ‘bout sm

go farther back than that: try JYJ

Go farther back than that: Shinhwa


i am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones i already own.


i like my fictional boys brooding and intelligent, with a shit-ton of tragic backstory and daddy issues